POWERHOUSE - 3 events under one roof

POWERHOUSE is a new creative hub, bringing together PROGRESS History Summit, Documentary Campus Masterschool Pitch, SILBERSALZ Institute Pitch and the Science & Media Awards. With just one ticket, you have access to all Powerhouse Events.

Each registration includes 3 lunches and 6 coffee breaks.

Exhibitor table (without/ incl. Branded Wall): Remember to add the number of Powerhouse tickets you require and to register your team members individually.

Enjoy Peace and Discounts in our Hotels

Our three hotel partners have reserved a room contingent for visitors of the POWERHOUSE. ONLINE only: Simply register at the corresponding hotel with the respective keyword, which you will receive after purchasing your ticket.

Documentary Campus
Documentary Campus Masterschool

From history to science, character-driven stories, music, animation, series and more, the 2023 Masterschool students will pitch the projects they have developed in our flagship 10-month training course.

PROGRESS History Summit
PROGRESS History Summit

The PROGRESS History Summit invites those involved in historical film production worldwide to an open dialogue about their collective impact.

The History Summit is an international platform to question traditional cinematic storytelling, to open new perspectives, and to initiate innovative projects. Keynote speeches, panel discussions, thematic group talks, moderated lunch roundtables, one-to-one meetings, and evening receptions facilitate connections for filmmakers in a divided and divisive world.

Silbersalz Institute
Silbersalz Institute

For the first time we present the Silbersalz Institute where scientists and creative teams have been working together on projects for the big and small screen, including interactive media.